Recover Local Folders

My PC died, just absolutely would not boot up.  I had been having issues anyway so I decided to buy a new one.  I have installed eM Client and have my account set up fine.  I have the hard drive from the old PC attached as an external drive.  Is there a way for me to recover my local folders from this drive?

Hi Pat,
you can’t extract the local folders separately, but if your whole database is still intact on that drive, try setting the DB Location to the one on your external drive: Go to Tools > Setting > General > Storage and set the database directory to your old eM Client directory. You could probably try moving the data, but if you have not done a back up, your data could be at a risk of corruption.
Try setting up the different location first to see if your data is okay and then do a back up. This is just an idea now, but technically, if you do a back up and then change your storage directory back to the one in your new computer but load the data from the back up, it could copy your local folders to your new computer.

Best regards,

Olivia, this was very helpful.  Thank you.

Hey Olivia,
Would it be good idea to store the files under dropbox?  Or could that cause problems?

Hi, since dropbox stores your data both locally and uploads them to the dropbox server, it seems a bit redundant. Plus, unless you export the data or do a backup, you don’t actually get the single files out, you’d have to move your whole database there (which has all your data about local folders and accounts). I recommend doing regular backups instead and maybe saving those to dropbox?

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I have never been able to do a backup.  They take a really, really long time.  I will try again today, but my problem is; 1) Not being able to access EM Client during the back up for extended periods of time or 2) Computer goes to sleep if I try to back it up overnight.

I was thinking if I move my local folders to dropbox, at least that gives me a little hope of restoring local folders if my computer crashes.

I see, if you just wish to keep a copy of your folders this way and keep the database synchronized on dropbox then thats alright. Make sure to copy your files and not just transfer, before gettin rid of your original copy, in case something goes wrong during the transition.
Also, I suggest, if you wish to do a backup over night to change your Power setting to Put the computer to sleep - Never for the duration of it.


How long should the backup take?  It’s been running for about an hour, and its still on mail_data.dat.  My file is close to 8 gigs.

How big is too big for that file?