Recover from server deleted E-Mails


yesterday I accidentally deleted all my mails from server (rm on ssh).
Luckyly one of my computers with Em Client on it had not synced this until now.
Is it possible to recover these E-Mails from EM Clients cache files or any other methods?

With kind regards

Hi, if you haven’t synchronized the account yet, you should be able to open eM Client in an “offline” mode, to do so, please hold the CTRL when clicking on the application’s icon and hold the CTRL button until the application finishes loading or until you’re prompted to enable “Offline mode”.

If you’re running the application in Offline mode, you can move the messages into your local folders or export them out of the application using the export feature in File > Export.

When you’re done with moving your messages from your account folder, disable offline mode in File > Offline Mode. And synchronize the account, after you do so, just reimport the messages back to the IMAP account and the messages should be re-uploaded to the server.

However, by doing this, you’ll lose all your message flags such as read/unread/flagged/forwarded/replied etc.

Hope this helps,