Recommended new feature/improvement

First I would like to say - great program. It has an easy enough UI to migrate from Outlook Express, no over-complex setting like Thunderbird, and not bloated like Outlook. I’m also pleased that you guys finally decided to remove the annoy mail footer ‘sent via em client’ for the free license - no offence but there’re tones other free email client out there, you’re not alone. (I was staying on 2.7 for as long as the limitation was removed)

I’ve scratch my head over the years moving away from Outlook Express, Thunderbird over excessive setting, and unable to save IMAP mail locally without complex procedure made me trash it. So while its a great program, I don’t want you guys to disappear due to lack of funding. So I’m going to give my 2 cents here. First up for USD 50, I don’t think many people will go for it at this stage. The MSRP on Outlook 2010 are US$ 140, but take in consideration street price are a lots lower, with rebate and all, it won’t be hard to find Outlook near/at US$ 50. You must also take in count - who doesn’t have Office? One must hate Outlook like me, to search for an alternative. And with few free sync service (hmm, Google, OVI), and some paid sync service rate cheaper then you’re. I can’t imagine lots of people going for it either. So that leaves the question how to attract more audience.

First I think you guys should consider making eM Client and full flagged PIM/Communication portal. 2 account limitation on the Pro seems to be a sweet spot, but that not enough for the pro. Network shareable local calender is a must consider for the Pro too. I don’t use Facebook, but millions of others do. More facebook feature beside the chat in the pro would also be good. In the “Unsafe Content” option, a white list/black list feature in the Pro is also recommended. Just because an e-mail address is in the contact, doesn’t mean we want to see or the content is safe. As for the sync, I’m not sure. I can see this is a move for competing MS Exchange, but personally using Amazon as cloud provider raises questions. But I can’t imagine many Google user will be needing it, since Google has their own sync service. In, Quoting “No restriction for 2 accounts in Pro version” is too broad. Should say “No restriction for 2 e-mail account”, and “Support multiple CalDAV Calender”, “Multiple IM account” (though I recommend to give this free, see below). You can also remove “No eM Client footer added to outgoing messages”

For the Free version. Consider to have multiple IM in the free version. Since multiple calender required additional account (even if it the same Google account), maybe 3 free account? With more reasonable pricing, or implement the above for US$ 50, people would buy your product just because they would become a fan. This will also complete the attempt to make the program a full flagged communication portal. I see ICQ is listed, but ICQ doesn’t use Jabber? I’m using free and have 2 email account already, so I can’t try it. This bring me the documentation issue. While free don’t have dedicate support is also reasonable, consider make a faq, and post the help file in a PDF manual format will attract more people. The forum is fine, but to search though, rather than a downloadable PDF and dedicated FAQ area are much easier.

For general improvement. First up, the space between the mail and the message occupy too much space. We can see the subject, the sender (2 places) already. Date/time too. The contact detail on the sidebar, please add “Copy e-mail address” as well, instead of just adding to contact or view various of history. List yourself “…” and other related. The category feature in the mail is nice. But consider to have a “Category” in the Local Folders. Not everyone is using the “Global Inbox”. In fact people who use this, are likely to have mail rules, it not uncommon to arrange them by folders as well, and for those people (hmm, me?) Global Inbox maybe a bit cluttered. The widget area, is not so “widget”. Consider implement a global mail box widget, that allows people to double click and read the mail. Needless to say, A calender that shows today’s event are also welcome. A mini calender that allow you to double click and jump to calender. And if you can support Java web gadget, you’ll increase the popularity by ten fold.

Thanks for suggestions. Just a few notes:

  • There will be Facebook basic synchronization (contacts, message, chat, read only calendar, contacts’ pairing, sending messages) in the version 3.1 (which will be released in next weeks). In the version 3.2 we plan full support of Facebook (will be released in autumn).

  • as for sync cloud we already have one - Sync2eM service (

  • white/black list feature will be also incorporated in the next version

  • for ICQ we use jabber transport system

  • in the next version there will be agenda in sidebar where upcoming events/tasks of selectable time frame will be displayed

Other issues were added to our official feature requests list (i.e. ability to copy e-mail address from sidebar contact detail, widgets improvement)

Sounds promising. Though I hope you guys can incorporate IM account for free license in the next version, if not more free account. As currently 2 account is way too limited. As any more calender (even though it within same google account), or even IM account requires an account of it own.

As for the sync, I’m aware of the Sync2Me. All I’m saying is I can’t imagine any Nokia users or Google users would want it. I’m just suggesting it not that feasible. I have no idea how to improve it, but there’re so many service out there, such as