Recipient's entered into the to field have an incorrect format, when replying to email.

Everytime I reply to an email it converts the first email to a variation of this :

“Subject:Message-ID:List-Unsubscribe:MIME-Version:Content-Type; bh=ZsX4XrMNCDi2o2ZLStv9CZhrbsyyAJwtwsIgfbtoybA=; b=KWBBA0l8JulfL4QEno10lBwuXPY/7+28FDHKin/ogDIueJLRJe4SBmZIDUM77k8z SOBqbNq+cglMN+obmfySugJCIE7UeMpVdELaeMhovBiBIlMGT8mrRPXHiaGofJtOSHW fg8AF1nG” <message-id:list-unsubscribe:mime-version:content-type bh=“ZsX4XrMNCDi2o2ZLStv9CZhrbsyyAJwtwsIgfbtoybA=;” b=“KWBBA0l8JulfL4QEno10lBwuXPY/7+28FDHKin/ogDIueJLRJe4SBmZIDUM77k8z” sobqbnq fg8af1ng>

Then when I try to send the email it says "Recipient’s entered into the to field have an incorrect format"

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this make it very difficult to use this email client.


eM Client is seeing that long string as the name and email address which is in the format of “name” . Obviously the text between < > is an incorrect format for an address.

Many months since you posted this, but if you hover the mouse over the From name in the email, what address do you see?

I get the same issue with a distribution list I have created, when I expand the names (and addresses)
they look fine. is there a effective troubleshooting technique ?

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