Recipients are receiving many multiple copies


Help! I have a big problem!

Earlier today I sent a short email to 20 recipients (all as BCC) with an
attached PDF file approx 5MB in size.  There is no problem that I’m aware
of with the file – it open correctly and looks fine, and it comes from a known
and trusted source.

However, it appears that all recipients are receiving many multiple copies of
the message, and do not know how to stop them.
One of the BCC addresses had bad destination mailbox address, and I am receiving
multiple notifications of failure to deliver – about 100 in past 8 hours.

So I have unwittingly caused a big problem!
Can you advise me on what to do, and what to tell my recipients to do ?

Many thanks,   Ken

Hi Ken,

I’m using eM Client 6.0.24928 on Windows 10 and also often have the same problem as you: e-mails with attachments keep being sent to the recipients. It starts approximately with attachments of 3-5 MB.

According to me, this depends on the network speed. If the (upload) speed of my network is okay, I do not have this issue.

Normally I send e-mails to my wife and to other people. I can ask my wife if she has received the e-mail. If she has received it, I will just drag-and-drop the e-mail from the ‘outbox’ to the ‘sent’ folder of the e-mail account from which I’m sending the e-mail. Then the e-mail is not sent anymore multiple times.

Hi Hans,

Thanks for your reply.

Hours after sending the email, and after posting on the forum, I noticed
that the email was still sitting in my Outbox.  I deleted it from there,
and as far as I can tell the problem has gone away.

As a test, I sent an email to myself with the same PDF attached.  A short while
later I received it with attachment complete and OK, but it was still sitting
in my Outbox, and I have received 12 copies so far.  I have just deleted it
from Outbox, and expect to not get any more copies

It seems there is some kind of bug with this version of eMclient.  It is
reasonable that it cannot handle large attachments and slow upload speed,
but it should not be firing off multiple send attempts.  I will just have
to try to remember this problem for future.

Meanwhile, I think problem is fixed.
Many thanks again,    Ken.