Recieved invites: Changing header & time; sending to other participants

since a short time we’re using SoGo in our company together with Thunderbird and I’m not happy with both frontends (SoGo via Webbrowser; Thunderbird at Windows 10). Therefore I’d like to explore eM Client within the next days to be used with SoGo’s CalDAV interface.

Some questions adead:
I get a lot of appointment invitations from third companies, unfortunately all with the similar subject (“Interview with XXX”). In Google Calendar I was able to change the subject of an external appointment (as well as the duration, date,…), Thunderbird does not allow this. How is it with eM Client?

The same question arises when adding more participants to an appointment organised by a third party. Is this possible with eM Client?

Best regards and thanks for answers!

Unless you are the organizer of the event, you cannot change the title, the times, nor add and remove participants. Just like in real life. :smile: