Recent update has not reinstalled emClient

Greetings, I was prompted to install the new update yesterday and now I can’t access emClient at all. It’s still in my list of programs, I’ve tried uninstalling it so I can reinstall, I can’t. I’m using Windows 7, 64 bit.

Reboot and try again.
What happens when you try to uninstall using the Control Panel/Programs uninstall utility?

I don’t get that far, as I said above, I can’t uninstall it. It won’t uninstall, I’ve tried numerous times now.

Sorry - don’t mean to appear dense here.
Exactly what have you tried to uninstall the product?
Have you done this?

Sorry, but I’m actually not dense and know how to uninstall programs. I’ve tried repairing it as well. Nothing is happening and I have no email program on my pc and I’m not happy.

I was referring to myself above @Kat111 NOT you.

However, if you are unable to answer my questions there is nothing more I can do to help. Good luck!

miércoles 09 septiembre 2020 :: 1939hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi Kat1111

As you are having a problem uninstalling I suggest you download IObit Uninstaller from:

I will be surprised if this does not solve the problem.

It’s a FREE download - I think with a trial period - I can’t remember that bit as I’ve run the program for years and it’s never failed.

When you install it will scan your system, you can then select what you want/need to install.

You can then do a clean install of EMC v8 from:


There is also further help for EMC at:

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I’ve answered your question but whatever. Thanks anyway.

Hi Russ,

I use iObit Uninstaller Pro. It didn’t/won’t remove it. It said it had cleaned all traces of it out, it hasn’t. My issue is, updating basically wiped emClient out. It’s not in my start menu anymore, only place it’s showing is in programs. I cannot access it at all and it’s got all my work stuff and personal emails in there and I’m way upset it’s all gone! This has never happened when I’ve updated before!
What the hell can I do to retrieve everything!?

Thanks for your help.


viernes 11 septiembre 2020 :: 0933hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi Kat

Sorry you are having this problem, I am shocked that IObit didn’t help; do you have the latest v10.0.2.20 and always run as ‘Administrator’?
I’m sure you know that you can run Force Uninstall from Tools Menu.
I’m guessing you haven’t raised a ticket?
I presume you are using EMC Pro, and are running POP3 not IMAP?

Can you see any EMC files/folders anywhere on your system via OS File Explorer?
If you can, try to copy them to a USB stick.
If you can’t access anything normally, boot into safe mode and try there.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you where they will be, I can’t remember but I’m sure others will be able to help you with that - I modified the install routine so my installation is far from standard, I have nothing on C:\ other than the OS and some stuff I can’t force elswhere.

I presume you didn’t run any backup routines, however, have you tried system restore via Contol Panel if you have your system configured that way there should be an automatic restore point there created at the time of update.


If all else fails you could try to do a clean install over what is there, it might repair the issue.
But you do this at your own risk.
You can get the latest version at: HTTPS://WWW.EMCLIENT.COM/DIST/LATEST/SETUP.MSI

FYI - I also had an issue with upgrade and did a clean install over the problem installation that was missing a few files.
It solved my problem,however, I run a daily automatic backup so had nothing to lose.
I’ve also ‘tweaked’ EMC for myself and it runs perfectly
Below is a direct email I have that can be used for info I don’t want to or can’t post.

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I often write my own tools using Perl, Bash, HTML, CSS, JS, plus blood, sweat and tears.
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