Recent eMClient Update 5.0.18025.0 Caused All email accounts to no longer function.

As described in title, all 7 of my email clients immediately stopped working after installing the update including my gmail account. I have rebooted - no joy. I have recreated some accounts - again no joy except that I have been able to get a few accounts to work on SMTP. Neither IMAP or POP3 is working. I have turned in a support ticket yesterday #8234 - no reply other then the automated response.

Same problem here. Just created a Google apps account for our business, in the midst of transferring mail over, and have gotten stuck behind a repeating error msg : “An attempt to connect to [] has failed. This could be caused by a temporary server outage or incorrect settings. Check settings?” . Well, we have definitely checked the settings, and they’re definitely Google’s IMAP settings with thte right credentials. The IMAP and SMTP diagnostics go from a blue ‘?’ to a green ‘OK’ when I check them, only to get the errmsg again with Send and Receive or clicking the red triangle. This is our first workday with this new setup, and *it ain’t working*. I’ll submit a support ticket too. - this needs to clear up somehow, and ditching the program will mean an uphill battle to come back to it …

Got it sorted with help from our internet dude … turns out the ‘mbox’ files we were importing had some bad chars that were causing the failures. I thought I had gotten them all, but some duff folders remained in trash and were causing the immediate connection drop - different than the ‘unable to parse’ error from individual messages.

Moral: take care when converting Pegasus 4.0 fmt folders into ‘Unix style’ folders, which is how you get a .MBX file set from Pegasus. Onward with setup…

If the problem is still actual, contact me please at [email protected] and I will send you further instructions.

First off, an update should not cause all accounts to suddenly fail when they have been working successfully for a long time period.

Second, while trying to work through the issue making changes to security policies and then testing to see what might work, it is very frustrating to eventually find a solution and then exit the accounts only to find it immediately quit working.

My eventual discovery was that a change made to the security policy followed by going to the diagnostics tab and testing and then pressing OK on the diagnostics tab did not ensure the first change you made to the security policy would stick.

I can replicate the issue.

Go into Accounts. Go to SMTP and change the security policy from its current setting to something else. Now, without pressing OK, click on the diagnostics tab and run the diagnostics. Now go back to the SMTP tab and see that your change has reverted back to the original setting.

So, if your change was successful and you exited from the diagnostics tab by pressing OK there, you would find that it didn’t work because it would revert.

Thank you for the info. Our developers will try to fix it ASAP.