Receiving "Serverbug: Unknown Internal Error" Alerts


I keep receiving the following alert when messages are moved to a particular folder:

{Account Name}: An Error Occurred
[IMAP] Unable to upload message “{Message Subject}” to folder “{Folder Name}”.
([SERVERBUG] BUG: Unknown internal error)

I’ve tried creating a different folder and moving all the items to it, but the error still occurs with the new folder. This doesn’t happen on my other computer (a Mac which doesn’t have eM Client).

I’m not really sure what the next step is to troubleshoot this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Nick,
I am very sorry for the late reaction.
Unfortunately, a ‘Serverbug’ error implies that eM Client was not able to receive any additional information to the problem and is happening on the server side.
You’ll need to contact your mail server provider to find out what the problem is.