Receiving mail

I find that after logging on, it usually  quite a while before the new mail appears as received into the in box.
It was always there from go with Outlook Express. I am in my 80’s and reasonably proficient but cannot see a wrong setting. Also if I send myself an email, say a product page I want to save or remind myself about, the pages go into the trash straight away. Comments would be appreciated, small but irritating things.

With POP3, your account may not be set to synchronize at start. That setting can be changed in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization > Synchronize items at startup.

If that is not selected, new messages will not show up until the first sync has been completed. In the above example, that would only happen after 30 minutes.

Thank you Gary. Am having the same problem as David this a.m.(am same age too!)  It says I am not connected to the internet - but I am.   I will try what you suggest

Yours might be a different issue Dolly. Try disabling your anti-virus application and try again.

Looked at what you suggested and found the settings already as you wished.  Still no joy in receiving emails.

Did you try disabling your anti-virus application?

Are you getting any error messages?

Thank you Gary, you mention disabling anti virus in my case Avira, presumably this is as a temporary test,so why might that work when you turn on again?

thanks will have to try disabling when sort out how and will report back.

Avira may be blocking eM Client, or at least the port it needs for SMTP. Disabling it will determine if that is the case. If eM Client works with the anti-virus application disabled, then you will have to refer to the Avira documentation for how to enable ports or applications once it is enabled again. But I don’t think that is the case, or you would not receive mail at all.

It is more likely that it is what Dolly is experiencing though.

EMClient has come back of its own accord - it happens like this some time.  I have Avast Antivirus and could not find how to disable it.  However, back to normal for the time being.  Thank you   for your help.

thanks again Gary, will have a go following your comment and report back.