Receiving every e-mail twice

I have two e-mail addresses in my eM Client program and the mails from the main account are also in the folder of the other account. I recieve every e-mail twice. How can I solve this? Thanks

Do you maybe have the main account forwarded to the other account? That would have been something you setup through your email provider.

I don’t know, because someone else has installed eM Client for me. Where can I see and adapt this?

You will have to go to the web interface for the main account and see if mail forwarding has been setup. That is not part of eM Client.

I have done this, but mail forwarding isn’t set up for the one account to the other. I have seen now that both accounts do have the same E-mail. Maybe this is the problem?

Yes, if you setup the same account twice, you will have two of everything. :wink: