received email with missing attachments

My daughter has sent me several emails with photo attachments, but even though I receive the email, there are no attachments. When I go to the server (Comcast) and check the mail there, the attachments are there. I never had this problem until the last couple of weeks, and it may be since the latest upgrade. Can you please help?

Sometimes photos are embedded and not added as attachments. Usually scrolling to the end of the message will show the photos.

But you could downgrade back to the version where it was working and see if they are there. To do that close and uninstall eM Client. Then go to and download the version where it was working.

If you are not able to find the photos, you can send me a copy of one of the messages, and I will have a look. To do that right-click on the message with the missing photos and choose Forward > Forward as attachment. Then send it to me at