Receive error message when trying to uninstall eM Client

I recently installed a free version of eM Client. I decided not to move forward with buying it and now want to uninstall. I have tried repeatedly to uninstall and each time I receive an error message.

Information on my system, version of eM Client, and error message received below:

Running Windows 10 Pro on a Surface Pro 4

Took the standard steps of visiting the Control Panel, going to the Uninstall section, selecting eM Client and clicking UNINSTALL. As soon as this happens, I receive an error message. I double checked the path provided in the error message and I can easily find that folder with the file, so it’s there. I just want to get this program off my computer. Any ideas?



Hi Meggan,

This isn’t an eM Client problem ,but a Windows problem.
You have no acces or privileges to acces the Windows Installer (msiexec.exe)

2 reasons - You’re using a subordinate account - (User account)  or in the Group Poilcy
access for users as been turned OFF

Can you logon to an Administrator account?

More over the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc)

As it is now, you can neither install nor uninstall any programs.

Is this your own computer? or is it administered by IT personnell ?

You can try Revo Uninstaller, but takes a bit getting used to…

Since I don’t know the background of your situation, I also don’t know
if you’re contravening any rules by sidestepping your acces problems.

Use my advice at your own risk.