rebuild database takes 45 min

Sometimes EM client needs to rebuild the database, if I had to close it while I was having problems with Google Chrome. My database is about 30 gigs. Is there a way to reduce this rebuilding time? By deleting emails with attachments? Or by making my Inbox or Sent folders smaller by moving old message to EMClient storage folders or anything else?

Some improvements were made to the way the application handles large databases and database checking. If you are not using the latest version, you can download it from and see if that makes any difference.
Moving messages from one folder to another will not change the size of the database, so I don’t think that you will see any improvement there. If you are using eM Client on a computer with both SSD and mechanical hard disks, you will notice a huge difference if the database is on the SSD.

While in EM Client I checked for the latest update and it said I had the latest one, yet I have the DEC 2017 version. I see I missed about 3 versions. I wonder why that didn’t work right?

I installed the new version. Hopefully the rebuilding process won’t take so long. Fortunately it doesn’t happen that often, but when it does it takes about 45 min. Is that normal? Or should I try to compact the database or delete emails with attachments?

Thanks for your help,

The in-app update function does not notify you of every release. That is by design. 
I would wait and see if there is any improvement before deleting anything. If you are going to delete messages, maybe export them first, then you will still have them separate from the eM Client database.