Reading saved Passwords

I need to read the passwords for my e-mail accounts saved by emClient, how to do this

You can’t. For security reasons the passwords cannot be displayed.

You can probably get them using the web interface for your email provider, or they may even be stored in your browser if you have saved your login credentials there.

Hi Gary,
thank you for answer, but this one is just plain wrong. There are literally hundreds of potential malware infected emclient password recovery tools available. So I think the possibility to show your saved password and maybe betther protect the start of EM-Client itself only with a password or confirmation would create a more secure E-Mail Endpoint than just trying to hide the saved password.

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I am not aware of any eM Client password recovery tools. Please list them and eM Client Support will take some action.

The original poster was asking about the email account passwords, not the application startup password. But in either case they are not visible or discoverable for security reasons.

I just gfound a lot of them:

But this swamp is sooo deep and if you can’t give the user the choice of checking his own passwords, useers WILL look for alternatives and this produces the market in the first place. I mean even Outlook or Mozilla gives the user the chance to see its login credentials. And yes I am also frustrated, sometimes by not able to show my Password. I use three Notebooks and two Desktops and it is nearly impossible to get my (licensed) E-Mail Clients up and running oin all Devices.
What about making a “revocery” code after you create a E-Mail Account with an QR-Code or something, so users can use the Data provided by this PDF to recover or reuse the Account Data for this E-Mail Account on a second Device (or to recover a lost account) without provideing the Password in Plain?

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I don’t think that an email client or any other application software should have a built-in tool for password recovery. It’s much more efficient to make sure that you keep your passwords in a safe place, e.g. a password manager like Keepass, etc. This is always the responsibility of the user, not of the software provider whose software uses passwords, like eM Client. Some email providers offer options to reset a password, e.g. by saving addtional contact information in your account data. This is still better than building password recovery into an email client.

Absolutely agree.

And of course with newer technology like oAuth, there is no password anyway. That makes the whole issue moot.

I am not going to follow your link, but are you sure that is actually an application designed to recover passwords from eM Client? Many unscrupulous people use those keywords so you find it in your search, but that is not actually what it is. Or it ends up being some paid application that after you have given over your hard earned cash, probably won’t find the password anyway, because it is really not discoverable.

That should already be available with your email provider as @eisbaer said.

Until eM Client Version 7 it had been possible to recover passwords. The tools and tips in the internet refer to this or older versions (e.g. this PDF from 2016).
Since then the passwords have been encrypted and - as far as I know - are not recoverable from eM Client any more. And this is fully ok for safety reasons.

Anyway, it is the job of each user him-/herself to store the passwords in a safe place on paper or a tool like Keepass. The reset option is given by the mail providers already, which you, @4711 , can use.