reading pane width...

Hi there

I am using eM Client 3.5 and was wondering, as a new user, if it is possible to make the reading pane a fixed width as, at the moment, when I shut down the app and the restart it, the readin pane takes up most of the screen in pushing the email list window over the left more…

Hope this makes sense



When you refer to ‘reading panel’ do you mean the e-mail preview below the subject (by default) or a new window by double-click the mail subject? Either all you can resize both of them and eM Client will be able to remember them.

Yes sorry, the preview pane which I have set to the right hand side.

I can resize it but when the app is relaunched it reverts back to a ‘default’ size which is different to the size that I set it to



I have no idea why it not saving the state. Do you have this problem with version 3.0 as well?

If it doesn’t restore to the last size it is a bug. We will try to come up with some diagnostic steps that would help us isolate the issue.

Hi Filip, don’t know if it related, though I don’t have problem eM saving panel size state, but I do have problem eM memorizing local folder being minimized as mentioned here:…

Also with my other problem:… though it fixed in version 3.0 with .NET2 SP2, but eM 3.5 seems behave oddly as sometimes if I go over the e-mails too faster, it will not get marked automatically.

Thanks Filip… Do you need any log files, screenshots at all to help?


It would help us if you could send the main.dat file from the eM Client database to Thanks!

Database location:
C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (Vista/Win7)
C:\Documents and Settings%Current User%\Application Data\eM Client (XP)

Will do Filip…
btw, have noticed that in the global folders inbox, the columns are resizing every time as well…

Will send the file to the above email address…do I need to give it a specific reference number or support ticket number?

If you include a reference to this forum topic we’d appreciate it, but it’s not strictly necessary.

Thanks for the data. So far we were unable to reproduce it. With your configuration eM Client started maximized and the reading pane had a reasonable width. If the application was restored (by using the button in title bar) then the splitter between reading pane and the message list stayed at the same absolute position and the reading pane became really small.

Does eM Client start with a maximized window for you?
Are you running it using the shortcut in the Start Menu or through some other way?
Are you using multi-monitor setup?

Hi Filip

I am using 3 monitors and normally launch the applcation from an app called rocket dock ( From their it launches maximised on one of the monitors.

If I launch from the start bar, it also launches maximised and the same occurs in that the window resizes to a default.

Any other info you need just let me know.



Do you have a Radeon or GeForce card for the 3 monitor setup?


I have 2 monitors going through a GeForce card and the 3rd monitor goes through one of these;…

i have also just noticed that it keeps changing the calendar colours that i choose…

if i ‘downgrade’ to v3 and see if its my monitor/set up would that help?

No harm of trying… Just back-up your databasee first. I would also recommended to unplug the USB-video adapter just to check.

I saved all the files in the \AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder, uninstalled completely the 3.5 version, installed 3.0 , then added the settings files I saved and tried to restart the application but it said that the database was from a later version…

how do i back up if that isnt the way to do it?

Looks like the database isn’t backward compatible. The path is correct for database. You may delete the database just to check if 3.0 has the same problem.

ok. have done that and 3.0 preserves column widths and pane widths…

Mind to try 3.5 beta2?…

It best that you do, so eM would aware of the problem so they can fix it.