Read/Trash number not clearing

When I get an email and read it via my Android then I delete it it goes to the Trash.
I then Empty Trash. (via Android)
Now when I go to the Client the number of emails are still showing even though there are emails.
The only way this gets cleared up is either when I get another email and view within the client or close and reopen Client. Refresh does not clear this up.

em client

I also experience this on occasion since the release of version 8.

I submitted a support ticket, but they were not able to reproduce it. This past weekend I submitted IMAP logs, but so far I have not heard back. I will post an update here if I get one.

Glad I am not the only one.
Will watch for any response.

I cannot reproduce that. Works fine for me using EMC V8 and Gmail app via Android. Maybe only a problem with specific type of email account configurations.