Read Status Syncing with Kerio Connect Server (with Exchange)

Hi there,

are there any issues with read status syncing. When a mail marked as read with EM Client it isn’t syncing that to the kerio server. If I use Outlook on PC or GMAIL APP on Smartphone it works without a problem. I already tried it with different servers and mailboxes and there is always the same issue??

EM Client Version: 9.0.1361.0
Kerio Connect Server: Version 9.4.0

Do anybody has an advice?

Thanks in advance.

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Solved in the other thread…
Download and try internal ver 1549…

Thanks for your answer. Sorry, I was not able to find a download link for the internal build. Where can I find this?

So lets guess the download url: - works :wink: I’ll try!!

The problem is solved with this build. Thanks a lot!

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