Read Receipts Not Working!

I need the client so that I can request read receipts and in all of my test messages to my friends I’ve requested them but never received a receipt when my email was read. Same with delivery receipt.

Can you please try to send an test email to me at Thank you.

3 years later this thing still doesn’t work

right now i send email test to the direccion above

only received the confirmation i send to your email, but, with others doesn`t work

Hi there !

I just tested emClient on windows 10 in version 7.0.30068.0. If i send a message to this client by requesting a read receipt neither a message box will pop up to acknowledge the receipt nor a read receipt message gets propagated back to the sender.

Delivery receipts on the other hand do work properly.

Has anybody an idea what can be done to solve this problem?

thanks in advance fritz