Read only account

Intermittently when I try to save something in my calendar, a box will appear that states the event cannot be saved as it is a “read only account”.

The following may indicate that all is not well with the holidays aspect of my eM Client:

(1) there is a red triangle against holidays with an exclamation mark and
(2) on one occasion when this fault was happening, a new event of mine saved as a holiday (without me doing anything abnormal) - I then found I could not delete this rogue event / holiday

Because this is intermittent fault it is hard to say, but it would seem that if I untick “holidays” then things will save ok.

Thanks for any help.

Sort of related:

As a bit of a rant, I have a paid-for version of eM Client. I bought this because it said “pro” support. It did not say “pro support for one year”, it just said that the paid-for version included pro support. No mistake or error on my part. I posted a case regarding the above and was told my pro support had run out. There seems to be a lot of ducking and diving by eM Client on this one but the simple fact is that many people purchased the paid for version taking the sales page at its word, that the paid for version included pro support. Ok, they didn’t read the FAQs or the Eula, THEY SHOULDN’T NEED TO! As someone who has always been an advocate of eM Client I find this shoddy approach saddening.

This has just come in:

Unfortunately it appears that your 1 year PRO license support period for your version 7 license expired in January 2021, so you are no longer entitled to use VIP support. Please see section 5 of the end user license agreement which explains your support entitlement. Pity it wasn’t explained when you sold me the product!

When users install the application, they need to click on the box that says they agree to the terms of the EULA, otherwise the application would not have been installed.

The terms of what support is offered is right there on the screen:

But I never read the EULA of an application I am installing either, even if I should. :wink:

When saving an event, make sure you have selected the correct calendar.

Thanks for responding

Re Eula - ok, but it is poor business practice to mislead a potential customer by not stating these limiting factors clearly where they will see them as they make a purchase.

Re calenadar - I am on version 7 and do not get a window like the one you show. For an event it simply says “save” and I click “yes”.

The problem over “read only” messages has continued when I try and save a meeting / appointment into my calendar. However, I seem to have solved it in a work around way. I simply deleted the holidays folder as I can live without reminders on bank holidays etc. Et voila, I am now able to save into my calendar without problem. I assume that in some way this folder was corrupted - the red triangle must have meant something! I am doing this posting in case it helps someone else in the same predicament. Bad taste in my mouth remains and I’m not the eM Client evangelist I once was.

Yes, in 7 it was a little different: