Read on, not marking as read in eM client

I read an email on and it is not marked as read in eM Client - help!

as far as I know, it’s a bug on gmail side and nobody knows if they are going to fix it

What? Wouldn’t that defeat the whole purpose of IMAP?

So I just realized. If I close my emclient and then reopen my emclient, it marks my read gmail emails as read. So somehow a “read” message is being looked for and sent.

Yes, after each start eM Client checks for all the new messages and tries to sync everything but it is impossible to do that all the time - it would terribly slow down the application and consume lot of bandwidth. The problem is that Gmail stopped sending Read status notifications update.

I don’t believe this to be the case. I use other imap clients and they are updated as read. Isn’t that the whole purpose of imap?

I don’t think this is client related. There is a growing number of complains circulating about some gmail accounts failing to flag reads and deletes. It is very frustrating having to do everything twice or more. It has been about a week now.

I second it. I encountered the same issue here and the support guys are blaming Gmail for this, which I think is not very convincing. Me too have other email client that works perfectly in this regard.

I added the same account to Thunderbird… there it works fine.
I need a solution for this
performance and network traffic is acceptable with Thunderbird.
so why does it not work with “em Client”?

other Email Clients (like thunderbird) do this update nevertheless… with an acceptable performance…

Just FYI: We have tested it right now and it does not work in Outlook either.

What I have to do, instead of closing and opening again. I right click on the account name on the left pane and click on properties. From there I click on repair and it syncs correctly, but its a friggin waste of time.

try File -> Go offline and again File -> Go online


can I ask you if “mark as read” from Google’s webmail interface is nor synchronized even after longer time?

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I have a similar problem.

If I read a Gmail message through a browser, it shows as read in Outlook 2010 and read in the email client on my phone, but shows as unread in eM client.

If I read a Gmail message through Outlook, it shows as read in browser and read in the email app on my phone, but shows as unread in eM client.

If I read a Gmail message through the email app on my phone, it shows as read in browser and Outlook, but shows as unread in eM client.

If I read a Gmail message in eM client it, it shows a read in all other clients.

Is there a setting in eM client to keep Gmail in sync? It really appears to me that there is a problem in eM client, as the other clients are updated anytime a Gmail message is read.


It works perfectly in Outlook 2010.


I will address and respond to your issue in…


Thanks, Sorry for the double posting. After I replied I saw this marked as “answered” and assumed it was no longer being monitored and I should start a new thread. Oops, and thanks for prompt response.

thank you for your patience and understanding :slight_smile: