"Read" messages are moved to "Read" separate section. How can I change this behavior?

I am using the current version 7.1.31849.0 and am happy with it.  I suggested it to my neighbor and installed it for her (the exact same current version) and it has a behavior that I can not find a way to change.  (Both of us are using the same Arctic Theme as well).

On my system, when a “Read” message is seen by eM Client - it is “un-bolded” and left where it is.
On her system, when a “Read” message is seen by eM Client - it is then moved to a section below called “Read”, which she does NOT like.

I have looked at all the settings and can not find a way to remove the “Read” section so that hers acts as mine does.

Please tell me how to fix this.  

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Most likely what your neighbour is doing is reading her emails in the Smart Folders’ Unread folder.

Once email in that folder has been read it is removed from the folder, because that folder is actually a filter that only displays unread messages.

What would be better for her is to read her emails either from the All Inboxes folder, or the account Inbox below the Smart Folders. Which is probably what you are doing.

Thanks for the reply, Gary -
However, she is not reading from the Smart Folders.
Here is what she is seeing (directly below), VS what I see (below that).

As you can see, she is reading from the Inbox of one of her accounts and she has the “Unread” section followed by the “Read” section.  As soon as eMClient see’s an email as “Read” it moves it to the “Read” section.

Mine, as you can see, uses the classic leave it in place and remove the bolding to show it as being read.  I can not find a way to have hers behave as mine.

What am I missing ?  That must be some sort of setting that I’ve been unable to find.
As I mentioned we are both using the Arctic Theme, so it can’t be that…

A screenshot makes a world of difference.:slight_smile:

That is an easy one to solve. It is just because of the sort order. Yours are sorted by received , hers are sorted by icon (read/unread)

To change that right-click on the column header (from/subject/received etc) and choose Sort > Received.

Tyvm Gary !

I never looked under Column sort order for that.

Have a great day !

And what if, for example, I wanted the list to be sorted by read status, but the email didn’t move down after reading it? This is standard behavior for Thunderbird, for example, where the list is not rearranged until the folder is reloaded. Automatically moving an email makes work difficult because I always have to go back up to other unread emails, which annoys me.

If you sort the list by Read Status, as soon as the message is marked as read, it moves to the Read section.

Are you seeing something different?

This is unwanted behavior for me. I would like the message not to be moved after reading. It should be listed among other read messages only after reloading the folder. Just like in Thundrbird

The only way you can do this is by using the Unread Favorite folder. There you will initially have all your unread messages, and by design (though users have asked for it to be changed) the read messages will remain displayed there until you move focus to another folder.

But when sorting another folder like the individual Inbox by read/unread, the sort is immediate. So when the message is marked as read, as per your request, it is sorted with the other read messages.

Oh I see :frowning: It is a shame that such a setting is missing :frowning: Many Thunderbird users would certainly welcome it. Thanks