Read confirmation time zone

I receive an email with a read confirmation in it (email send from emclient with Gmail account).

The original sender receive a email confirming that I read the mail but located in Reijitvik (GMT +000 while I’m in GMT -0500. All my settings was good in my gmail account (GMT -0500 New York). 

Why when using eMClient, the time zone was GMT +0000 while when in Gmail account (Web), all is fine GMT -0500 ?

eM Client uses the Windows time settings. Check that you have that correctly setup.

I’m having a similar problem.  My read receipt for both myself (sender) and the reader was marked as being in Central time UTC -6.  We are both located in Ottawa where the time zone is UTC-5.  My computer and Windows 10 time is set for EST-UTC-5  and when I check the time stamp on the email in the sent folder the time is correct.  Seems only the read receipt is wrong and setting the time in Central as opposed to EST.
I can’t find any place to adjust this.  Any thoughts?