Read and Unread Sub-Folders in Inboxes

I have no sub-folders in my two inboxes and everything works fine for me.  My friend installed eM Client and somehow has Read and Unread sub-folders in each mail account inbox.  When he looks at his inbox the emails are segregated by Read and Unread Status and the Unread mails are all  WAYYYYY down at the bottom.  Read or Unread, most users want their email to appear in chronological order.  Where did these sub-folders come from.  Can he get rid of them?  Is there a way to keep those folders but to see the full inbox (read AND unread) in date and time order?  Thanks.

Hi Kenneth, unfortunately I’m not quite sure what unread/read mailboxes you’re referring to, can you please make a screenshot of these sub-folders and submit it to us here on the forum?

You should be able to change the sorting order of your message above the list of your received messages, you can use the columns configuration to add or subtract columns which are used for sorting your messages, if you’re using the compact view with the message pane on the right, you should be able to change the sorting order by clicking on “sorting by…”.

Hope this helps,