Reactivation of License problem due to multiple computers using the same license

eM Client continually asks for reactivation of the current license or says that I do not have a valid license, usually after an update of the software. After reading the complaints on this issue, the solution is to obtain different licences for each computer running eM Client. However when you apply for another license, you are informed that you cannot have one issued since your email address is already associated with a license. This problem has persisted for at least 4 years and is very annoying for those of us with multiple computers but wishing to use eM Client on each computer. I guess I could just create additional email addresses for each license but that seems rather a backward way of fixing this problem and creates multiple unused email addresses.
Does someone at eM Client have a better solution? We have been waiting for several years now.

I’m sorry you find this inconvenient, but this is not seen as a problem by our company as this is by design.
The policy is one license per device, and one FREE license per address. You can have unlimited number of additional PRO licenses connected to your email account.
If you do not follow our policy, you will be seeing warning messages about doing so.


I can’t see where this policy is documented. The error messages I was receiving don’t help understand the issue, so users can waste a lot of time with this.

Hello Bob,
on our website when you checkout our pricing options you can see that registering for FREE license or buying one is SINGLE PC license.
Activating the same license on more devices will naturally prompt a message about validity of this license on these devices.
The site won’t let you register a second FREE license for the same address.
I apologize if this information is not clear enough.