Reactivating my account

Hi, following a laptop crash two days ago when I lost all my apps and software, I have just re-installed eM Client, that went fine.

However, I now need to reactivate, and need some advice please. I know all my pw’s and have my activation code, but when I went to apply it, it says my account is already active. But none of my existing folders are there. There is no option to add the activation key, just to deactivate my account.

So can anyone advise me on my options please? Is there a way to retrieve my folders that I am missing? Or is it safe to deactivate and then re-activate, and will that bring me back to the point I was at two days ago.

I seem to remember having to do this before, only it worked perfectly the last time.

All advice welcomed, thanks in advance!

If you go to Menu > Help > License, and it is showing that your license is activated, then there is nothing you need to do as far as the license is concerned.

You can deactivate it, then reactivate it if you want, but that is not necessary.

Thanks Gary. So re-adding my email addresses should bring everything back into place?

Yes, if the email accounts were setup as IMAP or Exchange, and you remove them from eM Client, the data is still on the server. Adding that account to another computer or device, or back in eM Client, will display all the messages again.

Thanks for the advice, and apologies for the slow response. Everything back to normal again!