Re-sort after unflagging?

When I sort my mail using the flag column header (meaning I want to review my flagged emails), and then I decide to un-flag an email, the message list re-sorts itself so as to put the un-flagged email somewhere else. I now must find the list of flagged emails again, and keep repeating this process for each email I un-flag.

Is there a way to keep the sort list static, so I can review and un-flag my emails without the message list constantly re-sorting itself?

All you need to do is look in your ‘Smart Folder’>‘Flagged’, only flagged emails will be there.

Hello Eric,
unfortunately this is a designed behaviour at the time. Using the Flagged smart folder as Fitness above suggest sounds like a nice workaround.
Alternatively, if you have more accounts and want to check the flagged in only one, you can create a Search folder that will look for Flagged emails only in the specified folder.

I’ll add the idea of a better focus behaviour to our feature request list though.


Thank you!