Re-sending message

On Tuesday I sent a message to a list, which didn’t appear on the list, so today I re-sent the message by using “forward as original” - I couldn’t see an option for “re-send”, which is odd. However, eM Client does not seem to have recorded the fact that I sent this second message - there is no new entry in the “sent” folder. Obviously I need to have evidence that I’ve re-sent the message.

Am I doing something wrong?

  • Richard.

Just tested this and the resent message did appear in the SENT folder (Note: it was not sent to a “list” just an individual).

Using eMC v8.1

Thanks. Thats odd, I also just tested it and it was OK, so I must have screwed something up the first time.

However, it remains a real defect that there is no proper “re-send” function. “Forward” requires you to fill in the address again.

Sorry to have bothered you.

  • Richard.

It used to be that you could drag the sent message to the Local Folder Outbox and it would be resent.

When you do that in 8.1 it seems to just sit in the Outbox, but opening and clicking Send, gets it on its way.

A specifically-named function called “re-send” is definitely needed!

As for “bothering” no need to apologize… we ALL need a helping hand once in awhile.

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