re-select message with keyboard shortcut

I prefer to use the keyboard and not the mouse at times. When reviewing emails I first select the top email and it’s dark blue. If I want to scroll down in the message itself I hit TAB and the email turns light blue and then I can use the arrow keys to scroll the message and see the complete message.

 I have to then use my mouse to re-select the email to turn it dark blue again. Then I can use the arrow keys to move to a different email. Is there a way to do this with a keyboard shortcut and not the mouse?

Hi Gerry. 

You can navigate in the message list by using Ctrl + > to select the next message in the list, or Ctrl + < for the previous one. That will work even when the focus is in the message detail. The Tab key actually switches you between clickable sections, so from, to, unsubscribe, then any links in the message. Or use Shift + Tab to move backward through the sections.

Personally I find the mouse wheel much quicker than the keyboard for reviewing messages. That’s just me. :slight_smile:

Thanks Gary, I just discovered the Ctrl +> trick today after my post. That will certainly help a lot. It seems like there’s no keyboard shortcut to change the light blue email to dark blue. Once the email is dark blue I can use the arrow keys again to switch between messages