Re-retrieve activation code after reinstalling

Hi, I recently re-installed my Windows system onto a new hard drive. I had an activation code before. How can I re-retrieve this code so that I can activate after re-installing on my new hard drive?

Wasn’t there an email?

Please send an email to and we will send you back your activation key.

I sent an email March 19 and have received no reply. I now have only six days to activate. I may have to resort to activating from a different email account.

Hi Tom, I can’t find your email. Please what is your email address? I will resend you your activation key.

I just re-sent my info to Thanks.

Just got an email back with the activation code. Thanks.

Got an activation code but no place to put it. How and where? Please advise.


you put your License number you have received in email into eM Client - Help - License.

with regards