RE: Record of reply emails.

RE: Record of reply emails. Using Em client 7.1.32792.0 with POP protocol. My replies to emails are not shown in the my sent folder but are attached to the original senders email. Is that the way it is suppose to work? Can I change it to retrain relies as sent mail?

If you are using POP3, then eM Client should automatically save the sent messages to the Sent folder. If you click on the Sent folder, what do you see?

Also, this might be a misunderstanding of the conversation view, which will group related messages together. The received and sent message are still in their respective folders, but are displayed together for convenience. You can turn off conversations in Menu > View > Conversations, and see if this looks more like what you want.

My “Sent” folder only contains copies of emails that were sent directly. My replies to emails are not displayed in the “Sent” folder. The only place I can view my replies is to go to the original email and my replies will be displayed there.
I turned off conversations but it hasn’t changed anything that I can see.

The good news is that if you can see the replies you sent, they are stored somewhere.

If you go to one of these messages and right-click somewhere in the message header of the reply you sent (that is the area where the from address is yours) and select Properties, you will get a popup that gives the message location.


In this example, the message is stored in Local Folders > Inbox.

Whoever fixed this, Thank you. Replies now show in the “Sent” folder.