re-login to google every boot, or every hour or so?

Every time I start eM, i need to re-login to gmail at google’s dialog.  before the end of the day i will need to do it again, automatically prompted by the google dialog at least 2 or 3 more times.  i cannot find an option to stay logged in, although i have this set as my default, and all the options seem correct. 

any ideas?  if i need to relog with my gmail password continually, then that’s a deal breaker and i’ll have to uninstall and find another option, unfortunately. 

thanks in advance.

Hello, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? Are you seeing any errors thrown by the application whenever you try to synchronise your accounts?  Are you using any security software on your computer that may have disabled the application’s ability to connect to the server?

Thank you,

i’m using a version from this week: 6.0.22344.0
i just clean installed Win 10 and installed eM, but i was having the exact same issue with my last install of Win 8.1.  eM was kept up to date then as well, nothing different.

i do not have errors on send/receive if i’m connected. it stays in sync, but simply requires reauthentication continually.

i use windows defender with default settings including real time protection, and that is all i use. 

since i had this issue with Win 8.1, i thought possibly a clean install from scratch would help, but it did not. 

i have also checked google’s app access settings for eM, and it looks normal.  default stuff, and there’s no options to change it, just to remove it.  but i don’t feel i should remove it since i just did the full clean install.

thank you.

Hello, can you please try to update to this release and check if the issue persists, 6.0.22930.0 ? 



I installed from the link above, and it requires a license… it will not sync without it.  Can you please assist somehow?  Unfortunately I won’t justify purchasing a paid version since the free version has been misbehaving.  Thank you for your assistance.

I have the same issue, I will give this build a try.

I installed  6.0.22930.0 and i did not need a license, hopefully this fixes my re-login issue. 

installed the release above and its still asking me to login to my google account :frowning:

I have used the 6.0.22930.0 for two days now without being asked to login, so I think it might work better for me… Still to early to say if it works perfectly, but right now it seems promising.


just to let you know that I will be uninstalling permanently since it is requiring a license to see if this issue is fixed.  at this point i cannot even sync due to the recent version linked above being installed.  so i must uninstall and move along to other options.  too bad, it’s a great client. please tell your higher-ups that i would be happy to purchase a license if the re-login issue is fixed, but i cannot justify any payment for a client with this unresolved issue.  thank you.

i was about to uninstall also due to license issues, then i found this get free license on their website.
here the link 
give them your name and email and they will email you your free license. 

hope this helps 

One week later, still works! No pop-ups.

Note however that Free license is only valid for non-commercial use, e.g. if you’d like to use the application with your work mail or use the application for business, you’re required to obtain a valid PRO license.