Re-installing eM Client with the Correct Imported Data

I will like to re-install eM Client with the correct imported data from Windows Live Mail. (the first time, it pulled in from the default, but not current, location in Windows Live Mail). Simply removing the program and re-installing the eM Client program did not help. It just used the old data and did not give me an option of updating it.

Delete the entire folder.  Unless you have moved it elsewhere it should be at:
C:\Users<your windows account>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client
Then eM Client should behave like it was first installed re account setup/import.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.
The good part:     after I followed your suggestion, eM Client did act like I was installing it for the first time.
The bad part:    it had a problem reading something while downloading folders from my accounts and could not finish downloading. (did not run into this problem yesterday when I did it the first time)
Now, I have to figure out the new issue

But would you have been using a different source yesterday? 

Try Compacting the WLM database then try again - Options, Mail, Advanced, Maintenance change “Compact the database at shutdown every XXX runs”  to 1 then restart WLM to compact databases

Try moving the WLM folder to its default location.