When I reply or forward a mail, it changes de font and lince spacing on my signature… can you help me?

The default is calibri 11 with no lince spacing, when I create new message its ok and follows as default signature, but when I RE or FW any message, it uses font tahoma 12 with  huge line spacing.

Hello Clayton, this is unfortunately due to different formatting of the incoming message from the sender. The sender might be using a different application that includes a different default line spacing in their message/reply - you can use the remove formatting tool in the compose tools to use your default formatting.


Hi Clayton - I answered this in a long ago post:

SOLUTION is: When you create your signature in Em Client - use Shift-Return instead of just return key for new lines. In html-language, that means to use instead of

which will result in correct single spacing instead of a new paragraph - which is double spaced.

Hope this helps!

Hello there,

Thanks for your attention.

Even if I reply an e-mail to my own, that I sent from eM Client, I keep getting the same format in my signature.

If I look the signature from this screen, it’s ok in the format I want to.

But if I click on “Modify” to configure the signature, it changes to the other format I mentioned.

I am sorry for my english… and thank you in advance.

Hi Clayton - I think you misunderstood my instruction. Delete your current signature, then recreate it using “Shift-Enter” for new lines rather than just “Enter” key. Then please try you steps above. I think you’ll find that the single spacing remains in place for Reply and Forwards (and also for “Modify” function). The cause of this is HTML formatting.

Hi cptok, it worked fine… thank you very much for your attenttion.

Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.