Re established email accounts no folder showing

Ive used em client for a while. Recently i was having a hard time with email syncing. I removed both accounts and shut em down. Then opened and re set up both email accounts. I can see all my calendars and contacts but no emails or email folders. Help. Thanks

If you go to Menu > Operations, are there any errors listed in the Log tab?

Are you using a Free License with more than two email accounts configured?

yes im using a free license. only two email accounts are configured.
no errors that i can see.

hopefull this log will help. not sure about errors

Yeah, logs are difficult to read, and that is the domain of eM Client tech support. But I can see errors there even though I don’t know what to do with them. :wink:

One thing you can try is to disable any anti-virus/firewall or VPN applications, and restart eM Client. See if that makes any difference.

thanks it was virus related. i think i got it ironed out

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