rc fails to install

I’ve tried to install the RC, and get the message :

“eM Client was interrupted. Your system has not been modified, …  Install run at a later time…”

I rebooted, had all programs closed and tried again adn got the same error. When I check the version, it says 7.0.25507.0; so I guess this actually is the most recent RC. Is that correct?

Now, all my outgoing mail fails, incoming is okay. These are all gmail accounts. 


Try the latest release candidate: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.0.26134/setup.msi

Okay - that release actually installed without a Failure message.  But, still unable to SEND any mail. 

You will need to visit your actual email provider’s web site and confirm the proper email account settings (servers, IMAP/POP, authentications, etc.) to use if you are having problems sending emails.

Hmmm… on further review, it appears the SENT message did actually did go thru, in spite of the message which read: “Email recipient not accepted by the server”

Never had any of these issues with the Betas.  I never had issues with settings before. Wonder if I should delete one of my accounts and add it anew to see if that is a fix. 

That message from the server means the recipient does not exist as addressed. Nothing to do with eMC per se.

But - the recipient must be recognized by the mail server, because the email goes thru instantly in spite of the eM client error… right?

In all my earlier tests, I just assumed the error message was true, and nothing was sent or received, but apparently they have all gone through. 


You stated:
"it appears the SENT message did actually did go thru, in spite of the message which read: “Email recipient not accepted by the server”

I am assuming the message “Email recipient not accepted by the server” is an email message from the recipient’s email domain implying your sent email was not delivered because of issues in the recipient address being used.

If this is not the case, where is this “Email recipient not accepted by the server” message appearing? In the Operations window?

My bad, the “Email recipient not accepted by the server…” message is from eM Client. 

So, that’s why I’m pointing my finger that direction, I guess I’ll wait for the next update and Hide the warnings.

Do they release minor eM updates without notices.  It seems that when you suggested I try a new install, the version I installed THAT day was different from the one 3 days earlier.  Maybe I should do a download weekly, hoping it will be fixed. 

Hello Edward,
if you have any issues with sending emails, it would be helpful if you could copy the content of Tools>Operations>Log window here when that happens.
That said, “Email recipient not accepted by the server” sounds like a server generated response after eM Client gave the message to the server to be sent and the server returned it. The issue must be with your mail server or with the recipient’s address.


OMG… I just figured it out.  There was an eMail in my outbox with an erroneous address.  I normally have Smart Folder in an “collapsed” view so I didn’t see it. 

So, every time I sent a new email, eM also tried to send the mail that was sitting in the Outbox, and it would error.  

Naturally, since this message occurred immediately after hitting send of a new message, I associated the error with the new message.

My fault for entering a bad email address, and not noticing the message stuck in the Outbox.  But, I wonder if this situation might affect others, and if there is a way eM could give me a heads up someway.  Such as, when the app starts a note pops-up saying Messages are in your Outbox or something similar. 

Hello Edward,
glad to hear you figured out what the issue was.
eM Client warns you about unsent messages usually before closing the program.
Also, the error that pops up should also contain information about location and subject of the message, so I suggest copying or reading the whole content of the error message :slight_smile:


Read the entire error message?  You mean instead of reading the first line, cursing and shouting and blaming the software?

Hmmm… Yeah, I should do that.