RC 7 not showing content of some messages

I just downloaded and installed RC 7.

For some messages, the content isn’t visible, in either the preview pane or when I open the message up in it’s own window.

That it’s only happening for some emails, but not all (I can’t discern a pattern for which ones this is happening to), leads me to believe that it may be a setting I’m missing, but I went through the program Settings and can’t find anything that seems to apply to this issue.

Below is a screenshot of a message that I know has text in it (some text and a link), as I viewed in v6 before installing RC7.

Hello Mark,
could you export some of these bugged emails as EML files and send them to rust@emclient.com with a link to this forum topic?


I had a similar issue with version 6 already. Don’t know if this has been fixed there. Nevertheless, we were told that version 7 uses a different rendering engine that should be more reliable.

Hopefully this is the truth - but one never knows ^^