RC 7 : copy & paste excels

I’m using the new RC release and now the copy&paste from Excel doesn’t work anymore.
Any settings to fix?
Let me know.

Had to many problems with this software so am now using “The Bat” which works well after configuration.

Very strange. I too have the issue. Seems to be pasting as plain text. Worked fine in previous releases.

I am running the latest V7RC and copy paste from Excel works just fine. Please check whether you I selected HTML for composing new mail (see screenshot)

Thanks, but HTML is selected. FYI, I am using Excel 2016 (click-to-run). Also, to note, I have a quick-text item that contains an excel table (created with B2). While RC brings up the table fine, if I add rows to the table, it adds new rows formatted as text (i.e., formatting and borders gone).

Hello Peter,
I’ve checked and my settings were as per your screenshot.
I’m using Excel 2013.

Em Client team, can you help me please?

FYI, upgrade to the latest release (26134) seems to have solved this issue.

Hello everyone,
sorry for the lack of replies, the latest RC version should have a fix to this issue.


Hello Olivia,
I confirm it works!
Thank you very much!

hello, I want to paste an Excel spreadsheet into a new mail to send that also contains images, but when I get hit me leave it as text ?, as I should configure the mail to hit me as it is the form to send ?, many Thank you

Hello Luis,
can you please describe your issue more?
Could you perhaps screenshot the issue?