Random Error Messages

I like eM client so far. My only frustration is the number of random error messages that just pop up. I have one posted on the forum to which I am awaiting an explanation. But I had two more pop up this evening. I can collect them - but it would be great if eM could work to remove these goofy system ‘features’ !

Hello Deepak, if you’re seeing any application errors, please make a screenshot of the issue and submit it to us here on the forum, also please include information about your current application setup, such as what mail service you’re using with eM Client or what version of eM Client you currently have installed on your computer (you can check the exact release number in Help > About).

If you’ve already submitted the report about this issue, I’m sure it will get answered, please note that free license users are not entitled to any priority support and free license queries are being handled with a lower priority during the less busy hours. In case you’re in need of priority support, you can purchase a license at http://www.emclient.com/pricing and get access to the priority support at http://support.emclient.com/.

Thank you,

Hi Paul, many thanks. My error message is quite random. I have a screen shot attached. I am using GMAIL for my mail and previous to eM - I was using outlook as my desktop client. Outlook is exited when I use eM. The version of eM is 6.0.223440. I am NOT trying to upload anything so I do not see why the upload error keeps on coming. I am not sure if I will even subscribe to the PRO version if this kind of thing is not sorted out.

Hi Paul, regarding the non priority support for free version users, eM should note that although they do not give us a priority, there are lesser chances of converting free users to paid users while these kinds of issues remain. It is in your company’s own interest to stop going on about no priority support for free users. Why would I pay for support when I am not even sure the application works and I am on a trial license? Food for thought.

Right, you’ve submitted this error to us under another topic, where you can already see my answer, please follow your original topic to resolve this issue.


Regarding our support options as I suggested free license users are required to submit their queries here on the forum as no other options are available without a valid PRO license. As you can see, we keep this forum organised and we’re resolving requests as soon as our PRO support queries are resolved.

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