Random "eM Client stopped" notices after recent update to version 7.1.31836.0.

I have been using the free version of eM Client for several months on my Windows 7 PC. I have two email accounts set up. One is my personal domain email which is hosted by GoDaddy and is synching with a Microsoft Outlook.365 server that is part of GoDaddy’s email deal. I also have my Gmail account set up using IMAP.

 Everything was going great up until I updated to version 7.1.31836.0 two days ago. Now I’m getting random notices that say “eM Client has stopped working.” Below is the problem signature that is included with the message.

 The strange thing is that, after I get one of those error messages, eM Client has not actually stopped. It just won’t display that particular  email. I can ignore that message and open other messages without restarting eM Client. I also right-clicked on one of the problem messages and forwarded it to another email account that’s running on Thunderbird. The forwarded copy opened with no problem.

 Please take a look at the data below and let me know what might be going on.


  Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name:                        CLR20r3

  Problem Signature 01:                       mailclient.exe

  Problem Signature 02:                       7.1.31836.0

  Problem Signature 03:                       5a37cb0d

  Problem Signature 04:                       mscorlib

  Problem Signature 05:                       4.0.30319.18063

  Problem Signature 06:                       526766b5

  Problem Signature 07:                       251

  Problem Signature 08:                       10

  Problem Signature 09:                       System.ArgumentException

  OS Version:                                          6.1.7601.

  Locale ID:                                             1033

  Additional Information 1:                  0a9e

  Additional Information 2:                  0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

  Additional Information 3:                  0a9e

  Additional Information 4:                  0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Uninstall eM Client, and download and install the last version that worked correctly from http://www.emclient.com/release-history

Won’t the uninstall risk losing all of my email and all my personalized settings?

Normal uninstall will not delete your emails or settings. If you use something like Revo to uninstall your application, you will most likely lose everything.  But to be safe, make a backup before you uninstall.