Quote only selected text


I think it’s a gmail labs plugin or something I’ve enabled, however a feature I’ve found VERY nice is if you highlight a section of text.  

Then hit reply, rather than quoting the entire previous email (default action if you highlight nothing) it will quote only the selected.

Example Picture (some details blurred on purpose):

Something I’m missing from the Gmail interface which was good.  It would be nice to have this optional in eM Client if you are looking for new features to add to the software.

Do let me know if this can be done already.  It’s nothing major, but a “nice” time saver I like very much and will give up to move to eM Client.



Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’re currently not planning to add this feature but we’ll consider adding this to future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

This feature has been asked more times, see for example:

It would indeed be convenient to have a button [reply with selected text] next to [reply] which makes a reply and already copies the selected text in the new e-mail (preferably with a layout which can be specified as a setting).

However, you can now also already quite quickly get a reply with just the selected text (although not with a specified formatting):

  1) mark the text which you want to keep in your reply

  2) click [ctrl] + [c] to copy the text

  3) press [reply] or [reply all]

  4) click [ctrl] + [a] to select all text

  5) click [delete] to remove all selected text

  6) click [ctrl] + [v] to paste the text you want to have in your reply

And yes, step 2-6 wouldn’t be needed if there was this [reply with selected text] button… :slight_smile: