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em Client looks very promising, however it still misses some essential e-mail features, so that I’m not too happy with its reply behaviour.

First of all: When replying a mail, I always get two empty lines on top which shouldn’t be there if you want to reply at the bottom or in between. Also a “>” is more helpful than if you display it with a pipe.

Then it would be nice if quotes are colored (also in the reply window) like you see in the following two examples:

…or even more colors depending on the level:


Hello, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future releases.

Best regards,

After 2 years of consideration it’s about time for a decision. I would like to have this feature too.

Seems to me, nothing changed in upcoming v8… After 5 years. :frowning: Really, a conversation in mail looks like a trash, it is impossible to understand where whose text. Not clear at all. 

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This is one of the main demerits of eM Client, from my vantage point.

I have always preferred the original notion of initial email protocols, which allowed for replies to be interspersed within the body of the original mail, and subsequent replies done in the same manner.

For this way of communicating, which–again–is part of the original RFC 524 protocol definitions, it’s imperative to have different colors for the text and quote pipe (or carets), to allow a clear differentiation of each level of quote.

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2 years late. Still no support in 9.1. Is it really that complex?


I assume it is still impossible

to answer to an email

like this with the

good ole

“greater than” sign signifying original text from the sender?

Sorry, if this is not possible by em client I can’t really use it. I have used this way of quotation way back then in Outlook Express, News Clients and until Thunderbird recently had a problem with that one as well. Should not be hard to implement since it has been around since the very first newsreaders.

Oops, I noticed the “>”-sign (I wonder if the “greater than” will stay within the quotes now) gets automatically converted to something else here in the forum.

The > character is still there in the quoted text, but is is displayed in more modern way. We convert it to a solid vertical line which indicates the quote, and there will be 2 verticals lines for a quote in quote etc.

OK. But “modern” isn’t really an improvement. Looking at the “improved quotes” they are light grey in em Client and in Android. Thus, not as good to see/recognize as the old-fashioned > character.

Ok - I am an old fart not seeing quite as well as you modern guys :slight_smile:

Also it would be great to have the colored quotes in the editor. Not only when viewing a mail.

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