quirks in v7 + newbie wishlist

I’m about 10 days into eM Client starting from zero. I’ve always used Outlook Express but needed to get something working on a later op system. I’ve got my old emails and address book imported/dethatched, easier than expected. Exploring all the layouts & new settings was a chore; guess that’s why they called it Outlook “Express”. :slight_smile: Have also manually entered some email Rules, apparently no way to import those. I’m over the top of learning curve so it’s probably a keeper. I like it in general, nice job! I’m only interested in email features, hide everything else possible.

I’m using your 7.0.2 version, Windows 8.1 Pro, desktop computer, standard USA HP keyboard & mouse, and note these quirks + wishlist (so far):

(1) Mouse wheel scrolls opposite of normal in some lists, correctly in others (full-page scroll setting)

(2) “Backspace” keyboard key goes back a page, rather than deletes last character, in some Settings entry boxes

(3) Attempted editing a hyperlink in email draft, buggy, impossible to modify, concatenates after “(” symbol, apparently remembers prior draft saved rather than current one

(4) Menu list (File Edit View Message Tools Help) needs expanded like old versions, dropdown list PITA. That’s carrying minimalism too far. Wears out my wrist tendons.

(5) Had to discover on my own, by accident, that the Alt keyboard key expands Menu, then offers some shortcuts

(6) Help is hard to find, must figure it out alone, punch around, hope to get lucky

(7) The only useful Help is searching the Support option, fairly good chance of finding info needed

(8) Some instructions are out-of-date, for example “synchronizing” replaces older rhetoric re checking/polling email

(9) Nested local folders don’t expand, and no indicator, when a new email is moved there via a Rule. Only workaround discovered is to use Copy rather than Move operation

(10) Wish keyboard Tab key would shift focus between the layout panes reliably, like in Outlook Express. Or maybe assign to one of the fx keys.

(11) Main difficulty is hitting all those tiny icons, buttons, and scrollbars with mouse pointer. Bigger is better! (septuagenarian with weak wrist & shaky hands)

Hello Johnny,

Thank you for your valuable feedback, we’re glad to hear you like eM Client. Could we please ask you to specify what version do you use? 7.0.2 is unfortunately too general.

To address your points:

  1. We aren’t aware of a problem like this, can you please describe the situation in more detail? In what lists exactly is the scrolling an issue?

  2. In what settings exactly does this happen?

  3. What server is this? Could you maybe export one of these draft into .eml (right-click the message and click on ‘Save As…’) and send it to hester@emclient.com with a link to this thread?

  4. & 5) We’re sorry that the Menu doesn’t fit your needs, no redesign is however planned. Could we ask why do you need to use the Menu so frequently? The Alt key is a standard Windows key for accessing menu in applications.

  5. & 7) The location of Help is standard.

  6. Again, I don’t know what instructions exactly do you mean. Could you please specify their location?

  7. To see the unread status for subfolders, it is unfortunately necessary to expand the folders under which they’re nested.

  8. We acknowledge that this is something that needs improvement and will work on making it better. We apologize for the current inconvenience.

  9. We unfortunately do not offer an option of increasing the size of icons and buttons, but you could increase your monitor’s DPI.

Thank you,

Your reply leaves me cold. No thanks. I’ll have to look for something better. Good bye.