QuickText Loses Content when Formatting is Used

Using ANY simple formatting (bold, italic, etc) within a QuickText will cause some of the content of the QuickText to be lost when saved. If I do not put any formatting in the QuickText, the content appears to be OK. 

Please try it with Arial, it works in em7 version 7.0.27943.0.

Doesn’t work for me using that same version and Arial. Tried inserting screenshots but they changed into HTML after dropping the third one. Can I attach a ZIP of screenshots?

I’ll attach the screenshots one at a time…

And another

And yet another

And finally. Notice that “so I can properly investigate this situation. To send” is gone from the QuickText.

Hello Dave,
does this issue with certain CT or all of them that use the Bold text?
Can you copy the text from your QT example and send it to rust@emclient.com with a link to this forum thread?


I have played around with various combinations of formatting within QuickText. It appears it MAY just be an issue with editing existing QuickText which contains formatting. I can insert the formatted QuickText into an email and it appears to be complete but if I try to edit that formatted QuickText, much of the UNformatted content between formatted sections gets dropped. 

For example, if I create a QuickText with:

    This is QuickText which has bold , italic and an underscored word.

It appears correctly in the QuickText preview within the Settings dialog but if I try to edit that QuickText, it shows in the editor as:

    This is QuickText which has bold , italicword.

Notice that the " and an underscored " text as been dropped.

FYI… I sent a copy of this reply to the email included in your reply.

Hello Dave,
thank you very much, I managed to replicate the issue and sforwarded it to our team.
We’ll get back to you when we find a solution.