Quicker way to update the database

I am a newbie wit eM Client. This program has just about every possible option. One that I use often with my current email client, Windows Live Mail, is the ability to quickly copy a selection of emails from one computer to another.

The typical scenario for me is that I am traveling with my laptop, which uses the same email client as my desktop computer. After I return to my office, all my sent messages on the laptop need to be synced with the desktop when I return. Similarly, I like to copy the last month or so of sent messages from the desktop to the laptop before I hit the road.

I have not found an easy way to accomplish this with eM Client. Can I just copy the database from one computer and paste it to the other? If not, how can I accomplish this?

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Well, if the account is setup as either IMAP or Exchange, all messages are just synced from the server. So when you get back home and open your desktop, it will display the exact same as what is on the laptop.

Some of my accounts are set up as POP

Yes, that could be an issue as POP3 doesn’t sync with a server.

One option will be when you leave on a trip, make a backup on the desktop and restore that to the laptop. When you return from the trip, backup on the laptop and restore that to the desktop. The biggest issue here is if you use the desktop before you have restored from the laptop, as any newer data on the desktop will be lost.

Another option is to export the new data from the POP3 accounts on the laptop, and import that to the desktop.

The best option will be to change from POP3 to IMAP, then you don’t have to manually sync the devices.