Quick folders from Thunderbird


I have installed eM Client yesterday, because Thunderbird did not sync my contacts anymore and also I like to try out new tools :blush:

So far so good, really like it so far, but there is one big thing missing. Something like Quick folders addon from Thunderbird. Or at least a search function within the “Move E-Mail to Folder” Option.

It is a big hassle like this to move the e-mails into the correct folders as I have a lot of folders and subfolders :frowning:

Anyone has a solution for this?

Is this a common problem or does nobody has a big folder structure and is fine with this moving button :blush: ?

By typing the initial character of the folder, you will go there in the move-to dialogue.

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Not really, you can only type the first letter and it only shows unfolded folders. So not really a solution :frowning:

Yes, initial character means first letter.

The folders should all be expanded when you enter the dialogue.

No they don’t and still if I have 15 Folders for example starting with the Letter A it is not very userfriendly :slight_smile:

A search box has been implemented in the move to dialogue in version 8.2, which you can download from the Release History.

Hello Gary,

Yes this is great. This search box is also needed on the folders itself on the left hand side. And searching through your rules would be also awesome. I have suggested this already. Lets see :slight_smile:


You have 20 of my votes on that Danny. :star_struck:

Any news on that? I am going crazy searching the right folder all the time :frowning: