Questions re Contacts - directories, importing as text

having great success with eClient - long time Eudora user

Email Contacts

  1. is possible to make diff Folder/Directories of email lists?
  2. can they be imported as a group using a text file? (separated by a comma I guess?)



thanking you
Adrian K

to confirm, I just want to be able to install a list of emails only

no other details

lunes 21 noviembre 2022 :: 1201hrs (UTC +01:00)


Yes you can create specifically named folders in Contacts in eMC
You can import Contacts as comma separated values (.csv)
However, you cannot Export from Eudora direct to eMC or Import to eMC direct from Eudora.
Your best option is to install a FREE version of The Bat! then…
1./ From The Bat! you can Import direct from Eudora
2./ Export from The Bat! in .VCF format to your desktop
3./ Import in .VCF format from your desktop to eMC

I know it is a round about procedure but as far as I am aware UNLESS you can obtain an unadulterated copy of Aid4Mail (it MUST be ver 4.64) there is no alternative.

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I love work-arounds Fantastic thanks