Questions on IMAP settings

I’m trying out IMAP, What does the following mean?

Include when sending/receiving emails

Can you screenshot where you see that ?

It’s part of Account Settings, at the bottom of the General tab for each account. If you uncheck it, the Refresh button won’t synchronize that account. At startup, if unchecked, only the folder list for the account will be synchronized, not each folder.

Not quite sure why you’d want to uncheck it, but if you do, you can still synchronize the entire account by dropping down the Refresh button and selecting the particular account you want to sync.

I remember something similar from Outlook, but it had to do with how it handled identities.

If you untick it, the account will be excluded when you click the Refresh button.

Thanks for the responses. It was sure not obvious to me what it meant. Maybe it needs one of those little helpful question marks following it with an explanation if clicked on.