Questions about custom rules

  1. Is there a way, and what would the “name value pair” be for Anywhere in the header?
  2. I’ve noticed that words I might search for are often obfuscated, so we see the words but the ascii characters are obfuscated. These spams often have very very long headers containing 4 or 5 Subjects none of which actually appear. Is emclient looking at what the human viewer sees or the ascii characters that these people are disguising?

For using the option of “with words found in the header”, the pair is header: text
So something like Subject: Questions about custom rules

Message headers should only have one subject field.

Rules compare the text in the header with the value it is looking for, unless the text is encoded like with utf8, then it looks at the unencoded text.

Great. Header: seems to have worked, at least it was accepted as a name. Is there a list of acceptable names for the name:text pair?

Yes. Any header and any text. Many you will never see in normal messages, and most that do will not really be of any use for Rules either.

The most useful headers are From: Subject: To:
But these can also be done using the options already in the Rule wizard, where there are options like from people, my name is in the To field, or with words found in the subject, etc.

However, with words found in the header becomes more useful for applying Rules to messages with more advanced functions like finding messages where the server has not flagged the message as spam. So: X-Spam-Flag: NO. Or if you want to find messages coming from Thunderbird, it would be User-Agent: Mozilla