I’m considering buying a license. Is it possible/allowed to use the license on 2 computers, one at the time ? Because I have 2 computers, 1 at home and 1 at work

If you are using eM Client at work, or at home for work, then you either need to purchase a Pro License or uninstall the application.

Both Pro and Free Licenses are per computer, but you can move the license to another computer if you are not using it on one of them. To do that you will need to deactivate it on one before activating it on another. If you want to use it simultaneously on more than one computer, you will need additional licenses. For Pro Licenses there is a huge discount if you purchase them at the same time. For Free Licenses, that is for personal use only, you can register an additional licence using a different email address.

Hmmm, that is a no-go for me then. I understand that you want to do something like that, but to me it feels like buying a bike only to ride from home to the grocery store. If I want to ride to my mom I would need to buy another bike. 
In practice, what happens if I forget to disable the license on my computer at work ? But no matter what, I just want to handle my mails without hassling with the license.

It is a pity though, I really like eM Client.

If you forget to disable the Pro License at work, you can access the License Manager website from home and deactivate it.

eM Client on 2 computers is $65, whereas MS Outlook is over $100 for 1 computer, and Mailbird is about $100 per year. Can’t complain, can you? Besides, for work, surely the company will pay for it, no?

Several months ago I bought MailBird for €11,86, a LifeTime Pro license. But anyway, you’re right that I can overcome $65, but not now. I think about it. 

Mailbird do sometimes have specials. In fact it may be cheaper to buy from somewhere else rather than direct from them. Go figure. Usually that is only for the personal license, as the business one is a monthly subscription. 

You got a good deal there Arthur. :wink: